Personalized Casting Instruction

Beginners to advanced casters can learn new casts and get help with casting problems. Whether your looking to improve your day to fishing or getting ready for a trip of a lifetime, I'd be glad to help.

• Learn to cast single and double handed rods.

• Gain experience using floating lines, sink tips, sinking lines, shooting heads.

• Learn in the air and on the water mending techniques.

• Learn loop control and ways to deal with wind.

• Improve your distance and accuracy.

• Cast to moving targets that will help with both fresh and saltwater fishing.

• Learn how to manage line while wading or in the boat for both salt and freshwater.

• Learn Scandinavian style, Skagit style, and traditional long line spey casting techniques.

• Learn spey casting techniques for single handed rods on small brushy streams and anywhere else that doesn't allow for much of a back cast.

• If your interested in casting competition I can help with tournament style casting also.

There are too many casts to list here. If you find something I don't know I'll be glad to research it and teach you what I learned. Here's a sample of the most common casts and things you can learn.

Basic back cast Basic forward cast Back & forward deliveries
Roll cast Roll cast pick up S-cast
Reach cast Single Haul Double Haul
Shooting line Distance Casting Puddle cast
Elliptical casts Curve casts Tug cast
Tuck cast Loop control Switch cast
Single spey Double spey Snake roll
Snap-t Perry Poke Circle spey
…..the list goes on.


1 person - $60 for 2 hours

2 people - $80 for 2 hours

Contact Rob Kolakowski at rob@robsflyfishing.com
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